AMON (Cz) – ‘Realm of Evil – Demo 1990’ LP


AMON (Cz) – ‘Realm of Evil – Demo 1990’ LP

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Amon recorded in May 1990 their debut demo tape, called “Realm Of Evil”, at the Chickenhouse Studio in Brno. Eight songs of raw proto Black Metal, drawing influences from classic Hellhammer / Celtic Frost / Venom as well as a strong influence from the sound of contemporaneous bands like Root, Master’s Hammer, Tudor…

In December 1990, a new guitar player joins Amon, Lada ‘Larva’ Krupica, making the sound of Amon heavier but still obscure and evil. As a five-piece band, Amon enters in March 1991 the Contraptak Studio (Brno) in order to record their second demo “Kniha Smrti” (“The Book of Death”), including seven songs not far from the sound of their first demo but more personal.

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