SPEKTR (Fr) – ‘Mecalyne’ 10”MLP


SPEKTR (Fr) – ‘Mecalyne’ 10”MLP

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‘The mysterious duo returns with 23 minutes of distilled chaos, where manic fury and swarming intensity are regulated and channelled in SPEKTR’s inimitable trademark style. On their first-ever mini-album, the fearless Frenchmen conjure a frightening and twisted vision, utilising regimental discipline and an uncanny appreciation of mood manipulation to create a stark yet alluring atmosphere. Wickedly warped and contorted, ‘Mescalyne’ is one of those perverse pleasures capable of unsettling your mind whilst simultaneously enriching your spirit. A heaving hybrid of raw Black Metal and harsh industrial ambience pulls the listener into a deep vortex of swirling energies where all is one and one is all. Somehow the creators bind disparate sounds seamlessly to deliver a unique, atypical work of stringent, structured obscurity.’

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Debemur Morti


Black Metal