AMNIS NIHILI (Gr) – ‘Christological Escalation’ 10”MLP


AMNIS NIHILI (Gr) – ‘Christological Escalation’ 10”MLP

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Feral, vicious and relentless – but also honed down to the finest details – Amnis Nihili’s first offering promises much more greatness to come. Bar one ear-shattering passage of meditative ambience, the Greek trio’s first statement, Christological Escalation, rarely loses grip on the blistering, malevolent sprawl that defines this EP. Right from the opening moments the listener is affronted by a flurry of sharp and melodic riffs, and it soon becomes apparent that this release is rooted in the grand old tradition. Fucking yes. The 10″ Vinyl edition comes limited, wrapped into a nice ‘cross-shaped’ folding cover!

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Avantgarde Music


Black Metal