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ULVDALIR (Rus) – ‘Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge’ CD


ULVDALIR (Rus) – ‘Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge’ CD

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4 hymns, lifeless, cold and dark as pale winter night itself! 32 minutes of total Black Metal mixed with ambient passages between the hymns. This monumental Black Metal art for all those who feel strong nostalgia by the times before the light…when Black Metal was pure…not just stupid trend. This record is for those who breath by icy air of Darkthrone (old), Dodheimsgard (old), Judas Iscariot, Arckanum. The poetry of ULVDALIR is hailing the aspects of great DEATH & The DEVIL!!! ULVDALIR is not for those who prefer modern occult-like Black Metal! Expect nothing, but Black Metal & beyond!

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Black Metal