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MANETHEREN (USA) – ‘Time’ CD Digipack


MANETHEREN (USA) – ‘Time’ CD Digipack

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Recorded on two continents, ‘Time’ comprises six mesmerising monuments of cleverly-textured esoteric blackness, creatively crafted and proudly presented over the course of 70+ spellbinding minutes. Fusing melancholic Black Metal and post-rock elements, this ambitious recording represents a new departure for mainman Azlum, who has tapped into the darkest recesses of his mind’s eye to conjure a gargantuan oeuvre of arcane obscurity, a seamlessly-flowing tapestry of musical majesty that is at once masterfully-conceived, spontaneous and ageless. Join MANETHEREN on a unique, eternal voyage to the edge of nothingness.

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Debemur Morti


Black Metal