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ZİFİR (Tur) – ‘Demoniac Ethics’ CD


ZİFİR (Tur) – ‘Demoniac Ethics’ CD

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Istanbul-based black metal trio, ZİFİR strike back with Demoniac Ethics. Their second release for (and fourth in total) Duplicate, it ups the ante on 2017’s Kingdom of Nothingness, with the aggressive parts growing harsher and the atmospheric elements ever expanding. Demoniac Ethics shows religion though a twisted kaleidoscope, exposing the imprisoning religious dogma and tyranny that has occurred throughout history – and does to this day. Whereas Kingdom Of Nothingness was a harrowing glimpse into the world of ZİFİR, Demoniac Ethics takes you right into the innermost sanctum of their anti-religious agenda, while delivering one of the strongest and most forward-thinking black metal releases of late.

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