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PESTILENT HEX (Fin) – ‘The Ashen Abhorrence’ CD Digipack


PESTILENT HEX (Fin) – ‘The Ashen Abhorrence’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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Drinking deep from the well of ’90s second wave Black Metal, the masterful first utterance from Finnish newcomers PESTILENT HEX is a flawlessly reverent blend of symphonic nostalgia, modern power and ravishing grimness. Debut album “The Ashen Abhorrence” builds a hypnotic netherworld from the shadowed groundwork of acts such as OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT, KVIST, ABIGOR, early EMPEROR and ARCTURUS, balancing enthralling complexity and songwriting acumen through evocative vocals, elegant synth layering, shrewd drumming and intensely melodic earworm guitar-work.

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Debemur Morti


Black Metal