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PA VESH EN (Blr) – ‘Pyrefication’ CD Digipack


PA VESH EN (Blr) – ‘Pyrefication’ CD Digipack

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Restless as ever, PA VESH EN prodigiously keeps apace with his tortured vision of black metal with a brand-new second album, Pyrefication. Ever aptly titled, Pyrefication is total spiritual meltdown: this is the veritable sound of the soul collapsing inward and dying a most exquisite death. To that, PA VESH EN draws inspiration from within, and here locates a wobbly, ever-so-delicate balance between Cryptic Rites of Necromancy’s ultraviolent hysteria and the murkier mystery of his earliest work, all done with spellbinding alchemy that makes for a miasmic 40-minute labyrinth. If anything, PA VESH EN seems unsettlingly comfortable taking his muse wherever he wishes on Pyrefication, malforming and maiming any atmosphere he wishes whilst maintaining that beckoning-abyssward style of melodicism he’s made his own since his auspicious start.

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Black Metal