ORCRIST (Aus) – ‘Fallen’ LP

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ORCRIST (Aus) – ‘Fallen’ LP

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ORCRIST’s new album ‘Fallen’ combines ice cold riffs with melancholic sounds, which will send a shiver over your backbone and create darkest sadness in your minds. The song ‘Fallen’ was written by Goblin of ISVIND and is dedicated to his friend Valfar of WINDIR who died in 2004. Goblin composed and recorded guitars and bass for the tracks ‘Fallen’, ‘Holocaust of Dreams’ and ‘Judgment of the Demon’ and performed vocals on ALL tracks beside ‘Outro/The Return of Silence Part 2’ which was written and recorded by Hugin, of the Austrian band URUK-HAI. ORCRIST is the true spirit of pure fucking Underground Black Metal!

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