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NECROPHOBIC (Swe) – ‘Womb of Lilithu’ CD


NECROPHOBIC (Swe) – ‘Womb of Lilithu’ CD

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In stock
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Formed in 1989, Sweden’s NECROPHOBIC have remained at the forefront of the sinister and occult. With their classic debut album, 1993’s ‘The Nocturnal Silence’, NECROPHOBIC produced a new kind of death and black metal alike. With a canon of quality full-lengths spanning their twenty-plus year history, NECROPHOBIC are perched on the cusp of immortality with 2013’s ‘Womb of Lilithu’, their strongest album to date. Combining their crushing trademark guitars with vitriolic vocals, “Womb of Lilithu” is a strong reminder that NECROPHOBIC is far from ready to abdicate from the Swedish black death throne. All hail the kings of Swedish darkness!

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Season Of Mist


Death / Black