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BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Totentanz’ CD Digipack


BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Totentanz’ CD Digipack

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Compilation of the two Blackdeath’s early EPs: “Totentanz” split with Mortifera and “Totentanz II” split with Leviathan. The material here has the primitive aggression like “Bottomless armageddon” and previous albums, but upon closer listening you’ll find the riffs and song writing are slowly morphing into their later sound as heard on “Vortex” and “Katharsis” albums. Sounding strangely removed from a natural, organic sound, these songs are the last Blackdeath songs to feature drum computer and combined with the atypical melodies and sounds with hysterical and possessed vocals give the whole an unhuman aura that is uncanny.

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Heidens Hart


Black Metal