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TRANSCENDENCE (USA) – Towards Obscurities Beyond CD


TRANSCENDENCE (USA) – Towards Obscurities Beyond CD

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As the band promised upon signing with BLOOD HARVEST, here do the quintet take the style of Hour of the Summoning and add a distinctly more melodic touch ala Dissection and early Necrophobic. While no doubt nodding to the ’90s, the TRANSCENDENCE unfurled here retain a timeless quality, a cutting-yet-classy sound that’s DEATH METAL through and through but effortlessly guides the listener across vast, windswept vistas of the imagination – dark, fantastical vistas, to be sure. TRANSCENDENCE simply have found a nigh-perfect balance of songwriting imagination, finessed chops, and just-dynamic-enough production that all combine into something equally fresh and classic.

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Death Metal