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THE EVERDAWN (Swe) – ‘Poems – Burning The Past’ CD


THE EVERDAWN (Swe) – ‘Poems – Burning The Past’ CD

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In stock
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Melodic Death Metal Masterpiece!

When it comes to the origins of melodic death metal, names like At The Gates or Dark Tranquillity are probably the benchmark. In 2021, the iconic label “Invasion Records”, releasing melodic death metal gems on a conveyor belt, seems to have been forgotten. Bands like Scheitan, Gates Of Ishtar or THE EVERDAWN were the order of the day, even if the quality levels were quite different.

The Everdawn, founded in 1993, celebrated the so-called “Gothenburg Death Metal” in its purest form. Their only album, “Poems – Burning The Past”, with its playing time of just 35 minutes (plus bonus tracks), has to be described as the “Raining Blood” of this genre. Every riff ignites, every drum beat hits the mark, the songs are crisp and spontaneous, garnished with completely hysterical vocals that cement themselves in the auditory canals as if they had been pounded directly live.

After its re-release on Century Media a decade ago, the album was again quickly out of print and crying out to be made available again. Here we go, ladies and gentlemen: The Gothenburg death metal flagship is available again. Be sure to get it now!

“The Everdawn have created THE ultimate Gothenburg death metal album with “Poems – Burning The Past” and it belongs to this genre like “Raining Blood” belongs to thrash metal. Must have!”
(Markus Rösner / CEO MDD Records)

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