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ORDINANCE (Fin) – ‘In Purge There Is no Remission’ CD


ORDINANCE (Fin) – ‘In Purge There Is no Remission’ CD

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The title itself bears especial portent, as musically, Ordinance literally leave no stone unturned (or weapon unused?) in their quest for the ultimate expression of black metal. The sound is immediately and irrevocably BLACK METAL, to be sure, but the duo bend so many unorthodox means to their diabolical design – and, it must be said, effortlessly and unselfconsciously so – that the end result is paradoxically orthodox, or at least a stridently purer iteration of black metal than one would expect given the band’s wild ‘n’ wayward attack. Thus, one could say that In Purge There is No Remission is black metal by language, but Ordinance‘s dialect is an undeniably unique one.

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