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NOROTH (USA) – ‘It Dwells Amongst Us’ CD


NOROTH (USA) – ‘It Dwells Amongst Us’ CD

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A power-trio hailing from Seattle, NOROTH stand for anti-authoritarian death metal, spewing forth lyrical themes about the darkest ills of humanity – what it does unto itself and the natural world. NOROTH personify this dread and dementia in musical form by pulling inspiration from the bleakest and most ignorant ends of black, death, and doom. World-eating riffs morph into punishing surges of primitivism, the sound humid and hellish, but all threaded together with an “elevated caveman” style of finesse. And while It Dwells Amongst Us may be the band’s first public recording, its authentically ancient style resounds with a timelessness that should ring true to diehard mavens of the underground – and vividly evoke its lyric themes in the process. We can invoke the names of early Bolt Thrower, Cianide, Winter, Goatlord, and Rippikoulu here, but just allow NOROTH to show you how It Dwells Amongst Us!

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