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MYCELIUM (UK) – ‘Mycoticism – Disseminating the Propagules’ CD


MYCELIUM (UK) – ‘Mycoticism – Disseminating the Propagules’ CD

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Those expecting some mid-era Carcass worship might be mildly disappointed by Mycoticism – but those who worship at the altar of ALL ’90s death metal styles will find MYCELIUM a nuclear-mushroom trip worth taking. Once again recording everything himself, Edwards finds that elusive balance between the crushing and the clean, the crunch given gleam AND grime through propulsive death metal songwriting steeped equally in old New York, Stockholm, Tampa, and Finnish schools. Likewise, his lyricism finds absolute horror in the natural sciences, raising “nerdiness” to new levels of frightening, ferocious FUNGAL mania. At 37 minutes and across ten taut tracks, Mycoticism stuns with its compact attack, bridging blast and slam, vortex and beatdown, go-for-the-throat riffing and backwards crawl, all with utter aplomb.

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