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IN GRIEF (It) – ‘An Eternity of Misery’ CD Digipack


IN GRIEF (It) – ‘An Eternity of Misery’ CD Digipack

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Like much/most melodically inclined doom-death, the spectre of “the Peaceville Three” – My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Anathema – looms large here, but one can equally detect trace elements of the earliest works of Katatonia, The Gathering, and especially Tiamat’s pivotal Clouds. Which is all to say that IN GRIEF have honed in on an oft-done but rarely perfected idiom, and also including the band’s sterling sense of space and dynamics, it’s not remiss to suggest that An Eternity of Misery indeed seems perfected.

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Iron Bonehead Prod.


Death / Doom