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HOUSE OF ATREUS (USA) – ‘Orations’ CD Digipack


HOUSE OF ATREUS (USA) – ‘Orations’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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Something of a strategic detour, the 33-minute Orations comprises five brand-new tracks – each one as regally galloping as the last, concise and expansive in equal measure – and a closing cover of heroes Running Wild and their late ’80s gem “Riding the Storm.” The “detour” aspect of the record largely pertains to the further finessing of their trademark songcraft: ever more patient, riffs flowing like molten gold, but a slicker and more seamless aspect emerges that pays off a hundredfold. The latent grit ‘n’ grime still exists, but rather than being an exception to wider “death metal,” here do HOUSE OF ATREUS assert themselves simply as a masterful HEAVY METAL band – but one that just so happens to have more than a bit of death metalled muscle. Founding bassist Anxietous Nero’s remarkably articulated vocals are again at the fore, but possess more clarity and charisma than ever. Not surprisingly, in just over a half-hour, HOUSE OF ATREUS prove with Orations that they have more (worthy) ideas than most bands can muster across a couple albums or more.

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