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FLESHER (USA) – ‘Tales of Grotesque Demise’ CD


FLESHER (USA) – ‘Tales of Grotesque Demise’ CD

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Comes in a jewel case w/ an 8 page booklet and absolutely vile artwork from legend, Ed Repka! “Hailing from the perilous plains of Indiana, the band’s death metal leans heavily into annihilating groove; it’s old-school death metal intentionally shaped and disfigured into a grisly vessel for horror-obsessed riffs. Speaking of riffs, Flesher’s approach to riffs has more in common with the belligerent pounding of war drums, or, perhaps, a meat tenderizer, than anything melodic–catch a dose to the face with the new single we’re premiering below.”
– Invisible Oranges

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Redefining Darkness


Death Metal