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BONEHUNTER (Fin) – Children of the Atom CD


BONEHUNTER (Fin) – Children of the Atom CD

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After the stage-setting “Initiate the Sequence” intro, Children of the Atom literally EXPLODES from the speakers. Charging hard like the veritable post-apocalyptic Road Warriors that they are, BONEHUNTER truly make their self-proclaimed “Devil Metal Punk” a subgenre unto itself here. It’s one of those sounds that’s immediately familiar – again, earliest Bathory will always loom large – but with a wealth of era- and globe-spanning influences all freely fed into their engine, from ’80s Japanese metalpunk to the deepest South American blackthrash, what emerges on Children of the Atom is indeed a mutation like no other. And it’s absolutely ADDICTING: hooks upon hooks are doled out effortlessly, inciting possessed headbanging and air-guitaring, and all with a breathless abandon that’s a wild wonder to behold. Additionally, BONEHUNTER’s rhythmic arsenal has kicked it up a notch or five, as well, hitting speeds previously unapproachable for the band but here delivered with authority and elan. Not to mention that the production’s been roughened up again, bloody raw but belying a clarity of intent.

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