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BOMBS OF HADES (Swe) – ‘Through the Dark Past’ CD


BOMBS OF HADES (Swe) – ‘Through the Dark Past’ CD

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Slightly more than a decade of the band’s existence, Swedish Death-Crust council BOMBS OF HADES consecrate the unhallowed celebration with their darkest chronicle ‘Through The Dark Past’! Archiving right from the ‘Carnivores’ 7-inch vinyl EP up till the ‘No Life’ 10-inch vinyl split with Sweden’s Mordbrand, this is the indeed the most exhaustive BOMBS OF HADES compilation to date and fans of both vinyl / non-vinyl collectors will appreciate this all-inclusive deluxe package of the band’s every other EP, single, split, cover song and bonus track, etc. To complete this grotesque communion, four brand new tracks were written and recorded exclusively to further anchor this release down as every BOMBS OF HADES fans’ must-have collection.

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Death Metal