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BLISS SIGNAL (Irl) – ‘Bliss Signal’ CD Digipack


BLISS SIGNAL (Irl) – ‘Bliss Signal’ CD Digipack

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Formed within the last year and initially begun initially as a simple experiment between the two producers, BLISS SIGNAL sees Kelly return to making harsher and heavier music with a guitar for the first time since the last and final groundbreaking Altar Of Plagues album “Teethed Glory & Injury”. While not a direct continuation from Altar Of Plagues, the music enveloping the BLISS SIGNAL debut album captures the vibe and essence of the more ambient and experimental moments found in Altar Of Plagues, most notably on the final Altar Of Plagues album, almost as an extension of those moments in what would be have been further explored if Kelly were to continue developing the Altar Of Plagues sound through the expansiveness of what he could create for his former musical output.

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Profound Lore


Doom / Black