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BLASFEMIA (Col) – ‘Muerte psicológica en marcha’ LP (red vinyl)


BLASFEMIA (Col) – ‘Muerte psicológica en marcha’ LP (red vinyl)

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TO THE DEATH & I HATE will work together with Ramón Restrepo, known from his work and the Colombian 80s extreme Metal pioneers PARABELLUM, BLASFEMIA and from the Ultra Metal movement! Ramón Restrepo are still today active in the Colombian scene, creating raw uncompromising black/thrash of the most ancient evil way! Hence we are honored to present news concerning two upcoming pieces of wax! Firstly “Muerte Psicológica en Marcha” (2015) from BLASFEMIA (with bonus material from the “Mundo que apesta a rata muerta” album, 2018). Secondly “Resurrección maldita de los falsos egos” (2015), with the bonuses taken from “Contundente final”, the 2012 album from R.A.M.O.N. (Ramón Restrepo’s “solo band”) Both releases has been re-mastered and are set to come out on vinyl for the first time in the earliest possible part of 2021! For fans of early South American sound of mid/late-80s, this can only be described as the wettest of dreams – or the blackest of vomits!

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