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ARCHGOAT (Fin) – Worship The Eternal Darkness CD Digipack


ARCHGOAT (Fin) – Worship The Eternal Darkness CD Digipack

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32 years after formation, Finnish iconoclasts ARCHGOAT stand monolithic as one of the most nightmarishly singular bands in extreme music. Helmed with preternatural telepathy by twin brothers Ritual Butcherer (guitars/composition) and Lord Angelslayer (bass/vocals), newest emission “Worship the Eternal Darkness” is a typically depraved set built to mock our contemporary malaise. Continuing on from preceding album “The Luciferian Crown” the hoof-pressure is slightly alleviated from the throat, the band’s patented synthesis of occult Finnish Black/Death Metal, harsh Punk, primal Thrash and Grindcore is tempered here with elements of melodic dynamism: a rhythmic crush less unrelenting, horrorshow vocals slightly more intelligible, a production shorn of murk highlighting potent synth-sorcery and welcome NWOBHM influences, not least guitar solos of old-school finesse.

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Debemur Morti


Bestial Black / Death