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V/A – ‘In The Eyes Of Death’ CD


V/A – ‘In The Eyes Of Death’ CD

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‘Rotten mindcrushing death metal from the underground, most important and influential bands. A brutal compilation that sickens your soul’. That was the original promotional line for this compilation album in 1991. It’s still valid to this very day. ALL bands are up till now active, recording new albums and performing worldwide. And all with their own serious fanbase. This cd re-release features Unleashed, Asphyx, Tiamat, Morgoth, Grave & Loudblast. All with rare or special tracks from 1990 – 1991, 15 in total. The 12 page booklet contains interviews with all bands, done by Pim Blankenstein (Sinister, Bodyfarm, Infernal Majesty). Complete booklet and original artwork remake by ACW (Tiamat, Ceremonial Oath).

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