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UNDEAD (Sp) – ‘Putrefactio’ CD


UNDEAD (Sp) – ‘Putrefactio’ CD

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In the year 2015, UNDEAD rose from the grave in order to hunt, haunt and drink the blood of the living, or so they would lead you to believe with the ferocious manner of their brand of extreme metal. This godless 4-piece splatters horror-tinged flare all over their music, along with a respectful nod to their early Death Metal influences, joining fellow countrymen AVULSED in the advancement of the Spanish Death Metal scene.Once again, taking influence from their OSDM forefathers, UNDEAD bring you their meaty take on the genre – crammed with an addictive thrashy energy and riffs that will make you call the undertaker, Putrefactio is an impenetrable, bulky slab of putridity. Start this alchemical journey, with 10 tracks of pure, bone-chilling OSDM from the grave!

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Redefining Darkness


Death Metal