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TRAUMA (Pol) – ‘Suffocated In Slumber’ LP Gatefold (Red vinyl)


TRAUMA (Pol) – ‘Suffocated In Slumber’ LP Gatefold (Red vinyl)

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Gatefold sleeve 360g, 180g SOLID RED Vinyl limited to 250 pieces!

First time vinyl re-issue of the second full-length album from Polish death metal veterans Trauma. The album was first released in 2000 and has been sold out for around 20 years. “Suffocated in Slumber” put the band on the global metal map and has led to a European tour with Krabathor, Master and Xenomorph.

The reissue was not remastered and will feature the album’s original sound. Mister, the band’s leader, commented: “the album was recorded 20 years ago and we didn’t want to mess around with the atmosphere of that period with unnecessary edits. We did not re-master these recordings, and didn’t even add any minor cosmetic adjustments.” How did the album stand the test of time? See for yourselves!

Weight 406 g

Pagan Records


Death Metal