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TORCHURE (Ger) – ‘Beyond the Veil’ CD


TORCHURE (Ger) – ‘Beyond the Veil’ CD

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German death metal band TORCHURE was formed in 1985. After 3 demo tapes they released two albums on the German metal label 1MF Records. In 1992 they released one of the strongest German death metals albums ever: ‘Beyond The Veil’. After the release of their debut TORCHURE toured Europe to support Sepultura and Pestilence. The album was produced by S.L. Coe of Scanner / Angel Dust. TORCHURE did also a 40 date European tour together with Disharmonic Orchestra. The album comes with very special liner notes, rare pictures and 2 re-mastered never released bonus tracks. The CD has long been out of print (over 20 years) and is a much sought-after collector’s item.

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