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THE VEIN (Dk) – ‘Scourging The Wreckage of Time’ CD


THE VEIN (Dk) – ‘Scourging The Wreckage of Time’ CD

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Shadow Kingdom Records is finally proud to introduce THE VEIN. In between creating masterpiece Epic Doom Metal albums, 2 ALTAR OF OBLIVION members give birth to a devil child called THE VEIN. THE VEIN is a Death/Doom Metal twist to what ALTAR OF OBLIVION is doing. Their approach is very Epic in nature, but this is much darker and heavier. This is very classic in nature – falling back towards the late 80’s / early 90’s Death and Black Metal. The band starts off with a very unique release, a double EP! I don’t think this has ever been done before, but if that’s not true, we at least know it’s not done very often. We have been waiting to put out the right kind of Death/Black Metal for a long time now, so prepare to be destroyed because this album stacks up with the best Doom/Death Metal out there today!

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