THE DEATHTRIP (Nor/UK) – ‘A Foot In Each Hell’ LP


THE DEATHTRIP (Nor/UK) – ‘A Foot In Each Hell’ LP

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Masterminded by Black Metal riff wiz Host (UK) and brought to life (?) by the extraordinary vocal talents of Aldrahn (ex-DHG, Thorns, Zyklon-B, ex-Old Man’s Child), The Deathtrip bathes in the lo-fi, ultra-primitive and ghastly sound that was custom on the peak of the bleak years of second wave Black Metal. A Foot In Each Hell presents the demo recordings (+ exclusive tracks) of The Deathtrip on vinyl for the first time. Atop a backdrop of primitive and crude drums, layers of spiralling guitars set the temperature to “freeze”, and then Aldrahn enters, whose gut wrenching, multifaceted vocals set the damn thing on fire. This is Black Metal in its purest form. Cover art by Aldrahn & Host. 500 copies on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and a3 poster.

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