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SUPPURATION (Ukr) – ‘Ecclesiastical Blasphemy’ CD Digipack


SUPPURATION (Ukr) – ‘Ecclesiastical Blasphemy’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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The legacy of Ukrainian SUPPURATION on CD for the first time ever! The band mostly remembered as death metal precursor of NOKTURNAL MORTUM created two demos and one EP in obscure times of 1991-1993, and now you can taste these underground treasures on one release under the title of “Ecclesiastical Blasphemy”. Pure death metal of the early nineties in all of its unholy glory is equipped with layouts of original tape editions, band photos, scans of hand-written lyrics sketches and other archival materials. Listen to this music, turn the pages of CD booklet and feel with your skin the spirit of the times when death metal ruled the world. Including: Ecclesiastical Blasphemy (demo, 1992), Unspeacable Journey into Subconscious World (demo, 1993), Cosmic Flight Around Astralsphere (EP, 1993)

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