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SLOUGH OF DESPAIR (Gr) – ‘Catacombs of Terror’ CD


SLOUGH OF DESPAIR (Gr) – ‘Catacombs of Terror’ CD

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SLOUGH OF DESPAIR recorded their debut album in January 2020. Aptly titled Catacombs of Terror, this seven-song/42-minute monolith is suffocating to behold. Devastatingly crushing whilst eerily atmospheric, SLOUGH OF DESPAIR uphold their moniker through an ominously lumbering, oft-ritualistic strain of doom-death. Its pound-and-plod is rendered in richly analog tones, robust in their clarity yet never losing any inherent rawness; more to the point, you FEEL this dark density deep within your soul. Then, ripping that soul asunder, SLOUGH OF DESPAIR mesmerize with malevolently melodic twists that take their time to develop, but deliver a bountiful payoff. Patience thus rewards those willing to step fully into these Catacombs of Terror. This is literally titantic doom-death highly recommended for maniacs of Asphyx, Necros Christos, Winter, Cianide, and Evoken.

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Death / Doom