SERPENT NOIR (Gr) – ‘Sanguis XI’ MLP Gatefold


SERPENT NOIR (Gr) – ‘Sanguis XI’ MLP Gatefold

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Serpent Noir was spawned by the true dark magick, infused with and awakened by the power of the Draconian Current. The true followers of the Left Hand Path, Serpent Noir chose Black Death Metal as its vessel and thus shines in its destructive grace, representing the Cult of Black Metal as it was meant to be! This is a channel of Qliphotic energies unto this world. The Dragon, rising within, unchained and raging! Invocations of the Black Sun. The Alchemy of the Black shimmering Diamond. Black Magick, manifesting in a form of Ritualistic Black Death and channeling the chaotic essence of Sitra Ahra into this world! Hereby, “Sanguis XI” is released! Let the Gates open!

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