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SEPULCRUM (Cl) – ‘Lamentation of Immolated Souls’ CD


SEPULCRUM (Cl) – ‘Lamentation of Immolated Souls’ CD

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SEPULCRUM’s worldwide debut is here with Lamentation of Immolated Souls. Bearing ten songs in 39 minutes, SEPULCRUM’s first full-length is a reverential and remarkably authentic throwback to death metal’s early ’90s heyday. With uncanny ease, the quartet set forth on a masterclass in proud ‘n’ powerful DEATH METAL that has many moods and moves at many speeds; there’s no subgenre stickling, staying in boxes like “Tampa death metal” or “Swedeath” or “Finnish deathgrind” etc. Only songwriting is king here, and SEPULCRUM proceed to build labyrinth upon labyrinth across Lamentation of Immolated Souls. Likewise, the production is absolutely key here; highlighting the quartet’s chops and overall dexterity, the recording is clear and cutting but without losing any requisite rawness, with drums and vocals recorded by Christian Bintrup at Soundpro Studios and all strings recorded by comrade Victor Villanueva and mixing & mastering done by Chilean scene kingpin Benjamín Barrantes. Of course, no classic death metal album is worth its salt without sympatico cover art, and Francisco Ramírez (Morkt Artist) – the same individual who did the cover art for SEPULCRUM’s first EP – delivers the goods on Lamentation of Immolated Souls. No other words needed: (un)godly glory-days death metal!

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