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SARINVOMIT (Tur) – ‘Awaken Ye Impious Hordes of Shaitan’ CD


SARINVOMIT (Tur) – ‘Awaken Ye Impious Hordes of Shaitan’ CD

In stock

In stock
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Nearly 45 minutes of bestial Black/Death Metal barbarism offer you 666% of disrespect, intransigence, impurity and profanity with every beat. “Awaken Ye Impious Hordes of Shaitan” is a conceptual apocalyptic prophecy of how the most glorious of parasitic humanity’s holy beliefs, scriptures and temples will be destroyed. Infernal sounds that have no compromise and spread throughout the universe!!! For die-hard Fans of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, NIFELHEIM, early IMPALED NAZARENE, MARDUK (Panzer Division Marduk era), BLACK WITCHERY…..!!!

Weight 100 g

Blasphemous Art Prod.


Bestial Black / Death