RUIN LUST (USA) – ‘The Choir of Babel’ LP (colored vinyl)


RUIN LUST (USA) – ‘The Choir of Babel’ LP (colored vinyl)

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Thoroughly uncompromising and bestial, ‘Choir Of Babel’ squanders no time on subtlety, laying waste with barbaric ferocity via a ruthless attack crafted not to disappear in a blur of forgettable noise but devastate with jagged menace and complexity. Visions of blood red bodies in mass graves, piles of broken skulls and decimated fields strewn with carrion pervades the war-like stench of death conducting this primal choir. Whether called Death Metal, Black Metal, War Metal or something else, the suffocating savagery of Ruin Lust has no remorse for destruction left in its wake, only more cruelty.

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Bestial Death / Black