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PESTILENCE (Nl) – ‘The Dysentery Penance’ CD


PESTILENCE (Nl) – ‘The Dysentery Penance’ CD

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One of the leading and most influencial Dutch extreme metal bands is with no doubt PESTILENCE! The ‘The Dysentry Penace’ album contains both demos recorded in the late 80’s. First four tracks are taken from their debut demo ‘Dysentry’ from 1987. Late 1987 Pestilence recorded their second demo ‘The Penance’. It was their first recording with legendary Martin van Drunen on vocals (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets). Bonus to the album are 2 live tracks, recorded when Pestilence played their first festival in Eibergen in Holland in 1988 (together Kreator, Death Angel, Holy Moses and Thanatos amongst others). The album comes with very special liner notes from Patrick Mameli. Coverart is a remake and artistic impression of the original two demo covers made by Roberto Toderico (Sinister, Soulburn, Asphyx). All 10 songs are remastered by Dan Swano at Unisounds Studios

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