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PESTIFER (Bel) – ‘Defeat the Nemesis’ CD Digipack


PESTIFER (Bel) – ‘Defeat the Nemesis’ CD Digipack

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Formed in 2004, Belgian progressive Death Metal explorers PESTIFER launch onto DMP with new EP “Defeat of the Nemesis” – a mind-bendingly ferocious sequence of songs as atmospheric and organic as they are intricate, and a perfect starting point for the uninitiated. From a base of twisted fusion riffs/leads and complex unpredictable rhythms, the band produce a unique spin on classic early ‘90s Roadrunner Records technical Death Metal which also incorporates the preternatural intuition of prime OPETH, the elaborate dynamism of acts such as MORBUS CHRON/SWEVEN and the virtuosity of the super-tight contemporary Death Metal crop. Conceptually rooted in science fiction, “Defeat of the Nemesis” takes place somewhere in the future after humanity has been forced to leave a depleted and ruined Earth which has become hostile to every living entity. Divided, humans subsequently colonize four different planets – establishing four civilizations which each aim for a new beginning. “Defeat of the Nemesis” narrates the evolution of each extra-terrestrial colony: 4 songs, 4 civilizations.

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Debemur Morti


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