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MORBID SAINT (USA) – ‘Swallowed by Hell’ CD Slipcase


MORBID SAINT (USA) – ‘Swallowed by Hell’ CD Slipcase

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In stock
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In a way, it is quite sensational to see another MORBID SAINT album released at this point in time, meaning more than 30 years after their second LP “Destruction System” was recorded but not finished, only to be officially published recently. However, the prospect of delivering new music in their own unique death/thrash metal style was one of the main reasons why the core members reunited in 2010 in the first place. During its initial run from 1984 to ’94, the band wasn’t even close to having the final word, especially with regards to their seminal first record “Spectrum of Death” (1990). “Swallowed By Hell” was born from a remote creative exchange, with ideas being bounced back and forth between all members to create a ten-track barrage of extreme metal like it’s become rare these days – utterly punishing yet musically sophisticated, pushing limits but not for its own sake, and topped off by an artwork from the iconic Ed Repka (Death, Megadeth). Recorded at The Belle City Sound Company by Chris Djuricic (Num Skull, Disinter) with finishing touches put on at Chernobyl Studios by Scott Elliott, “Swallowed By Hell” reeks of the old school but plants its feet firmly on contemporary ground.

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Death / Thrash