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MORBID DECAPITATION (Can) – ‘Death Anthems+bonus’ CD


MORBID DECAPITATION (Can) – ‘Death Anthems+bonus’ CD

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Formed in Canada in 1986 and inspired by Slayer, Venom, Raven, Mercyful Fate, they started to write their own music and release two demos halve way the 80’s. The band’s music evolved into extremely raw death metal with speed, punk and grind influences. In 1990 they recorded and released their debut album ‘Death Anthems’. In 1992 the band split up till early 2000 when the they reformed and recorded 10 new songs. This album ‘Destruction of peace and freedom’ remained unreleased until now. Both albums, Death Anthems (1990) and the second one ‘Destruction of Peace and Freedom’ 2001, are now re-issued on one CD. Extensive liner notes and many rare and old pictures.

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