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MALIGNANT (Nl) – ‘Day of the Lord’ CD


MALIGNANT (Nl) – ‘Day of the Lord’ CD

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Cult black death metal from the South of The Netherlands. Formed in 1989, demo ‘Day of the Lord’ was originally released in 1990. New cover art, remastered, rare and old pictures. Extensive liner notes from Steven Willems (Rock Tribune, Streams of Ancient Wisdom: The History of Dutch Death And Extreme Metal). Young musicians as Roel Sanders on drums (Asphyx, God Dethroned, Inhume) and Ron van de Pol on bass & vocals (also featuring on Asphyx – Asphyx album from 1994) started their musical career in Malignant. One of the most appreciated cult demos from the Netherlands now on mini cd, 17 minutes of old school evil extreme metal.

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Death Metal