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MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS (USA) – ‘Departure at The Betrayal of Life’ CD


MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS (USA) – ‘Departure at The Betrayal of Life’ CD

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In stock
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MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS is the solo project of The Chasm’s frontman (guitar & vocals) and main composer Daniel Corchado (Ex Cenotaph, Mex., ex Incantation). Just like halve of the songs on the most recent The Chasm album ‘Fareesing the Paranormal Abysm’, MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS second album contains dark and epic instrumental tracks. Daniel Corchado performs all instruments on the second MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS by himself; all guitars bass, keyboards and programming. This new album will be conformed of 12 compositions of epic 60+ minutes of atmospherical, experimental yet dark and melodic instrumental metal. Corchado’s released the MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS debut album ‘Ad Honorem Defuncto’ in 2009 on his own label Inframundis Productions (The Chasm, Shub Niggurath). MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS can be described as an Obscure, Hunting, and Depresive Funeral March… From the mind of Daniel Corchado. All artwork by Corchado (like he did all artwork for the previous The Chasm albums, the second Shub Niggurath album etc.).

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Death Metal