INFESTICIDE (Mex) – ‘Envenoming Wounds’ LP


INFESTICIDE (Mex) – ‘Envenoming Wounds’ LP

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In stock
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Infesticide unleash their gnarliest strike yet with Envenoming Wounds. Everything here is magnified to OTT levels – berzerker performance, clear-yet-crushing production, songwriting that’s scurrying yet seamless, everything simply set to SAVAGE – and proudly upholds the banner of classic demonic death metal as ushered in by early Morbid Angel and then carried forward by Krisiun, Angelcorpse, and God Dethroned. Mexican death metal bears a proud lineage, and INFESTICIDE blaze a path of the old into a fiery future with Envenoming Wounds! 

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Blood Harvest


Death Metal

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