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INCUBUS (USA) – ‘Incubus (God Died On His Knees)’ CD Ekopack


INCUBUS (USA) – ‘Incubus (God Died On His Knees)’ CD Ekopack

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Recorded in 1987 with Jim Morris (pre Morrisound Studios, Florida, USA, producer of a.o. Death, Nasty Savage, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide). Featuring ex Morbid Angel member Sterling von Scarbourogh on bass and vocals, Mike Browning on drums (also ex Nocturnus, ex Morbid Angel) and Gino Marino on guitars (ex Nocturnus). Now officially re-issued by vic records featuring the original three 1987 tracks of satanic proto death / black metal. INCUBUS was a huge inspiration for uncountable black and death metal bands in the late 80’s / early 90’s and inspires extreme metal musicians up till today! Sell your old shitty bootleg copies to someone else and get this official masterpiece. This exclusive digipack features extensive liner notes from guitarist Gino Marino and features rare pictures from back then.

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