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HERETIC CULT REDEEMER (Gr) – ‘s/t’ CD Digipack


HERETIC CULT REDEEMER (Gr) – ‘s/t’ CD Digipack

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One of the best, brightest/darkest hopes for underground metal, this time in the form of diabolical black metallers HERETIC CULT REDEEMER and their self-titled debut. From seemingly out of nowhere – or a nameless abyss, at least – arrives Heretic Cult Redeemer, but the band actually comprises veterans from the fertile Greek black/death metal scene which includes such bands as Acrimonious, Necrovorous, and Embrace of Thorns. And that experience shows across the band’s debut album, as HERETIC CULT REDEEMER redeem gnarly, orthodox black metal into something epic and daring, each cavernous ‘n’ careening construct opening up new portals into the beyond whilst keeping the intensity feverish. Hideous and transcendent, herald the arrival of HERETIC CULT REDEEMER.

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Hellthrasher Prod.


Black Metal