GORRCH (It) – ‘Nera Estasi’ LP


GORRCH (It) – ‘Nera Estasi’ LP

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Previously available only as strictly limited tape and cd editions through various underground labels, this black metal masterpiece is now being brought to its logical destination; pure, black vinyl. GORRCH’s ferocious brand of black metal is not easy to pinhole. The stellar, innovative riffing, combined with the unrelenting drumming and the obscure, sometimes chanted vocals in the band’s native tongue – make for a riveting listen. The organic production carefully underlines the sometimes chaotic riffs, bringing clarity to the darkness rather than burying everything beneath a cloud of reverb. As a result, Nera Estasi sounds both murky and in your face at the same time, and the atmosphere it creates during the 35 minutes or so of its duration is truly both black and ecstatic!

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