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GEHENNA (USA) – ‘The Horror Begins… at the Valley of Gore’ CD


GEHENNA (USA) – ‘The Horror Begins… at the Valley of Gore’ CD

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GEHENNA hails from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and was formed in the early 90s by bassist Joe Lombard and drummer/vocalist Rick “Slim” Boast. They agreed that all the music must be original material in the vein of thrash/death metal. When the lineup was complete, GEHENNA independently released two killer demos on cassette, “The Horror Begins” and “Valley of Gore”. All tracks were re-mastered by the band’s original guitarist/vocalist Craig Stiles in 2015. Awakening Records is proud to officially reissue the true classic death metal material for the first time on CD, includes numerous early photos of the band, flyers, and a biography written by the original members. Dedicated to all fans of OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL!

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