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GATEWAY (Bel) – ‘Flesh Reborn’ MCD


GATEWAY (Bel) – ‘Flesh Reborn’ MCD

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In stock
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Now, at long last, GATEWAY rises from the slumber of the crypt with the aptly titled Flesh Reborn. Featuring four songs across 26 minutes, Flesh Reborn reanimates GATEWAY in a most dramatic fashion. This is R’s most ambitious effort – the songwriting winds and wends through labyrinths that are more uptempo than previous, with this uptick in speed also revealing a hitherto-unexplored catchiness, all before plunging to the abyss with the slo-mo destruction of the closing title track – resulting in a more focused sound and featuring deadly guest leads by M, a first for the band. Oozing atmospheric death-doom RIFF-worship for fans of Disembowelment, Coffins, Winter, Thorr’s Hammer, and Rippikoulu, GATEWAY can now stand tall in the hall of the ancients with Flesh Reborn!

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Death / Doom

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