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FURBOWL (Swe) – ‘The Forgotten Tapes’ CD


FURBOWL (Swe) – ‘The Forgotten Tapes’ CD

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In stock
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‘The Forgotten Tapes’ contain the demo recordings of what was supposed to become Furbowl’s 3rd album! Recorded in the legendary Studio Gubbsjuk back in 1994 where they did all their recordings. Furbowl was Johan Liiva-vocals and bass (ex-Carnage, ex Arch Enemy), Nicklas Stenemo -guitars and keys, Max Thornell -drums. The album is remastered by Jonny Pettersson (Massacre, Fleshcrawl, Paganizer). As bonus the album has five tracks recorded Live at Huddinge Fest, Sweden 1993. Liner notes and rare pics provided by drummer Max.

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Death Metal