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FELGRAVE (Nor) – ‘A Waning Light’ CD


FELGRAVE (Nor) – ‘A Waning Light’ CD

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Massive in every sense of the word, A Waning Light, comprises four double-digit tracks and one acoustic interlude for a grand total of 50 minutes of pure doom-death majesty & misery. Crushing bones as ably as it crushes dreams, FELGRAVE never forgets the second part of the doom-DEATH equation, nodding reverentially to the legendary likes of Evoken and Morgion and yet taking plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Of them, slithering/slipstreaming speed fucks with the listener’s perceptions, while the gutted-yet-grandiose guitar sound is a behemoth to behold, layered as it is with atmospheric FX. To experience A Waning Light is indeed akin to the extinguishing of the sun…and of life itself.

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